research & strategy.

When you need to understand the people you serve and how they operate so you can direct your team and product in a meaningful way.

• Physical and experiential prototypes where we make “just enough” of an idea to test it out with people in context.

• In-depth interviews and observations
when we want to understand people’s needs and experiences more deeply.

• Ecosystem maps
to uncover opportunities in complex systems with diverse stakeholders.


user experience design (for products and services)

When you have a technology or service and you want to make it engaging and emotionally intelligent.

Opportunity framing and Journey maps for when we need to understand the entire ecosystem and determine where key opportunities may lie.

User interfaces, wireframes and flow diagrams to create fluid and satisfying interactions.

Branding and visual design to help tell powerful stories and integrate vision into a product.


capacity building for systems

When you want tools to help bring specific people into your product development process.

• Facilitation of workshops to transfer skills, brainstorm, prototype or get buy-in from different stakeholders.

• Participatory design with vulnerable communities to develop solution that are suited for their specific needs.

• Content creation and curriculum development to ensure that knowledge and experiential learning come together.
A core part of our process is engaging people from diverse perspectives in a creative problem solving process. We work with each client to tailor our design methods to their needs.

If you’re interested about how these things may or may not apply to what you are working on, please reach out. We would love to connect.
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